This guide is arranged in the same way for each modality:

  • Introduction of the modality’s definition and purpose
  • The link to the official information
  • A sharing of my experience of the modality

I do not claim to be an expert in regard to any of them nor do I claim to have information about every healing modality that exists.

The purpose of this guide is meant to raise awareness as to what I know exists in the hope that others may also be prompted to seek healing and transformation for themselves.

Whether you seek something written in this guide is not the point. The point is to engender you to seek beauty in this world from the inside out. May you find more and more beauty each day.

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Chapter 1: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Chapter 2: Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS)

Chapter 3: The Hoffman Process

Definition per the Hoffman Process

The Hoffman Quadrinity Process®, founded by Bob Hoffman in 1967 is a week-long residential and personal growth retreat that helps participants identify negative behaviors, moods, and ways of thinking that developed unconsciously and were conditioned in childhood.

The Process will help you become conscious of and disconnected from negative patterns of thought and behaviors on an emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual level in order to make significant positive changes in your life. You will learn to remove habitual ways of thinking and behaving, align with your authentic self, and respond to situations in your life from a place of conscious choice.

Link to the Hoffman Institute:

My Experience

Hoffman changed my life dramatically in one week. It was one of those “in the right place at the right time” experiences. Here’s the story.

In 2010 I started my own consulting business. When I look back on that time I really had no idea what I was doing and, yet at the time, I knew that I knew I was meant to take that leap. And so I did. 

I started my first gig five months after I went full-time as an entrepreneur and it lasted nearly a year. Toward the end of our professional relationship, the company employing me stopped paying me. My money situation was suffering big time. At the same time, in a parallel universe, or so it seemed, I was trying for the fourth time in six years to make the same romantic relationship work. In one week in May, within days of one another, my consulting gig and my relationship ended. Boom! My life blew up.

I was an absolute mess. All I could do was cry and survive each day. I went to my therapist and said, “Why do I keep getting stuck in this relationship? What’s the hook? I need something drastic right now!” Consider that, at the time, I was six years out of my divorce and just entering the grief of being involuntarily childless. I did not even understand nor was I ready to absorb the gravity of the latter as I was so stuck in my desire for a relationship. My therapist told me about this thing called the Hoffman Process, said that some of her clients had done it and had seen results.

I looked it up the same day, registered, signed up for a scholarship, set up my flight to California and found a friend to pick me up at the airport and drive me to St. Helena . Amazing what you can accomplish when you’re clear on what you want and desperate to get it! 

I put aside my money issues, which were many. I was deep in debt, I was battling with the company who owed me money, I could barely pay my mortgage. I didn’t care, because I knew what I needed and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way. I was willing to take the risk and spend money I didn’t have to get the thing I needed – relief, peace, hope. At the end of the Process I found them all.

The Process itself is not something I can openly talk about, because then I would ruin it for you and I would be breaking the agreement to not share the inner workings. Revealing the abc’s of what goes on would take away from you receiving all you can receive as you might therefore develop preconceived ideas or expectations that could get in the way of your experience.

What I can say is that in the middle of an intense exercise I had my biggest shift. At the core of the shift was a negative pattern that I had attached to my mother. I remember the moment it happened. Bam – the light bulb went on and I intuitively knew that this was at the root of the hook with the boyfriend. Please don’t ask me to explain the details of the pattern or how it related to the guy, because I don’t remember. I do remember the moment it clicked and the lightness and freedom I felt right after. That is the power of Hoffman.

When I returned home, I never cried another tear for that person. I had truly moved on. It’s surreal to consider that, before Hoffman, I was certain that that relationship was supposed to work out. After Hoffman, it was so clear to me that it was exactly where it needed to be. That is the deceptiveness of our stuck places. They can convince us that someone or something is perfect for us when the perfection is really in the lesson we are meant to learn and the healing we are meant to receive.

Hoffman’s tagline is “when you’re serious about change.” That’s right. If you are, then this is for you. I personally believe that everyone should do the Process. 

Watch this great video to learn more.

Consider that Hoffman is also a gift that keeps on giving. The experience of it does not have to end after the week. Here are some highlights of my post-Hoffman experience:

  • I’ve created lifetime bonds with some of the people in my process.
  • The tools I learned in Hoffman are at my disposal forever. Hoffman has an app containing all meditations and tools. They also present live daily Quadrinity checks on Instagram. (The Quadrinity represents four parts of self: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical.)
  • As a graduate, I have access to graduate groups happening around the world. Support is usually monthly.
  • Hoffman also offers follow-up courses for graduates. I participated in their refresher called the Q2. You can check out a video about it with yours truly as the first sound bite.

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More to Come!

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Accomplishment Coaching’s Training Program
  • Landmark
  • Holistic Medicine & Acupuncture
  • Healing Prayer
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Crossfit (yes, I consider it a healing modality)
  • Recovery Groups
  • Thai Yoga Massage