I have lost track how many times this week I have invited clients to “observe without judgment.” What does this mean? It means stepping back to watch yourself, to elevate your view on what you are experiencing, to step out of the melee of your heart and mind and observe objectively.

This has come up because the “trend” I’ve recently seen is for people to be caught up in their own personal frenzy where their default coping mechanisms and patterns are running the show. There is no judgment on that, at least on my part. The judgment that was present came from the person in the frenzy. What’s going on? Why am I here? Why am I here again? I’m wasting my time.

Observing without judgment can serve as a sort of rip cord, to slow your free fall as you make your way back to the ground.

It gives you permission to pause, to retreat from the internal voices and become an observer of them, to gain a new vantage point. From this place you can learn.

When I’m caught up in my internal frenzy, I lose perspective on how awesome and lovable I am and the self-judgment runs amok. Getting myself back to being and into my flow means stepping away, re-framing my perspective. It’s almost like seeing myself through the eyes of others, but I am the other.

This practice is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to trust yourself to navigate the ups back to your flow, to acknowledge that the voices of the frenzy don’t know it all, to believe that you are worthy of stepping out of the traps you’ve set for yourself, to “indulge” in self-compassion. (It can feel like an indulgence when off track.)

The internal frenzied moments highlight the importance of love and support from those who truly see us when we are struggling to see ourselves.

Who are those people in your life?

I recently took on the observe without judgment practice for myself. It led me to the idea of tracking my emotional ups and downs for the purpose of finding patterns. As a deep feeling, highly sensitive, empathic person, it occurred to me that I could possibly amp up my self care by understanding myself a little better. I am truly curious…without judgment, without pressure. In that space I get to explore and learn. I will let you know how it goes.

What do you see for yourself?

What possibilities could observing without judgment open up to you?

Try it for yourself and share your experience!

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