“…Together, we can walk the path –
you’re not alone.”

Growing up in a household with parents who had really big hearts, I learned about having awareness and empathy for others who were hurting and healing in life. My folks didn’t have any special certifications, it’s just who they were. It’s not that everything was perfect in my family, but luckily we didn’t have stigmas about seeking out support to help resolve big issues.

My upbringing modeled for me how to be fully open to the world, to people that are hurting, and for me to get my own healing. If I had stayed bottled up, I don’t know that I would have gotten through the tough times.

Because of all of this, I too want to create a safe place to land for people, a place where getting the support you want and need is natural. I know how important it is to have help and not shut down when things are hard. There’s so much healing and greater joy to be found, even in the midst of the most challenging situations.

The key is to walk through it and not around it. Who I am for people is a guide, a trusted confidant, and an ally on the journey. Together we can walk the path. You’re not alone.

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Clients Speak

What I loved about Beth was her finesse in knowing when I needed a delicate space to process and when I needed to be asked the harder questions. Her artistry empowered me to pick myself up in a way that I desperately needed. I felt stronger after every time we met until the lightbulb moments started happening on a regular basis - it's the most grounded I've ever felt in my life.

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