Are you a woman whose clock is ticking and you’re trying to figure out what you really want?

Maybe that’s whether to have a child on your own if you’re single, or deliberating about being child free, or you’re in a relationship and having trouble conceiving…

No matter what’s going on, I get it. And I know that tremendous healing, power and clarity can occur when women come together with the intention of empowering ourselves on the journey. A journey unique to women.

I invite you to pause for three days with a small group of women as together we empower choices regarding motherhood.

This retreat offers…

  • Support for the struggle
  • Opportunities for healing your heart
  • A safe place to examine your default motherhood story
  • Space to find clarity and to create a new vision
Imagine a luxurious break for yourself to dive into what really matters. Time for you to prioritize your own heart and soul. It’s time for a little pampering so get ready to enjoy the beach and soothing ocean air, delicious organic and yummy catered meals, and other self-care surprises.

Your experience includes…

  • Group interaction and one-on-one support

  • One pre-retreat and post-retreat private coaching session

  • Expression through artistic mediums

  • Time to rest and rejuvenate

  • Group meditation

  • Healthy, organic prepared meals that will delight your taste buds

  • Time on the beach for walks, meals and more

If you’re ready to give yourself the gift of this life-changing retreat, grab your spot below. Signing up for this retreat says that you care enough about your own question of motherhood to take the first steps toward the resolution YOU want. I am here to support you.

In my coaching practice around Missed Motherhood, I stand for women who want to unlock their own healing and empower their choice in regard to motherhood. While I chose to not have children, the beauty of the age we live in is that we have multiple options and have the freedom to take advantage of them. Thank you for trusting me enough to let me walk with you for a while.

If you’d like to chat with me personally about it, please click here to book a time.

Clients Speak

What I loved about Beth was her finesse in knowing when I needed a delicate space to process and when I needed to be asked the harder questions. Her artistry empowered me to pick myself up in a way that I desperately needed. I felt stronger after every time we met until the lightbulb moments started happening on a regular basis - it's the most grounded I've ever felt in my life.

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