Blow Up Your Motherhood Clock

Take a vacation from your current thinking that has you…

  • Regularly pushing down any thoughts you have about someday being a mom
  • Uncertain which way you want to go
  • Scared of missing motherhood
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of it
  • Stuck and spinning on how you are going to make it happen
  • Feeling at the mercy of your “biological clock”

… and get connected in a new way to this part of your life.

Replace all of it for more FREEDOM, JOY and POWER through the Blow up the Clock Motherhood Design Experience!

Next Experience Starts | March 20th, 2024


Is this Experience for Me?

Let’s be real. We really don’t have support in this area unless we seek it out. For the most part, we’ve learned to think about this alone and in silence. And we don’t even realize it. We have been unconsciously, collectively conditioned to keep all our thoughts and emotions about our future motherhood dreams all bottled up in some secret internal container that never sees the light of day.

Let’s blow up the container and start the conversation!!

Take some time to scroll and read more about this course. If you’re even a little curious, let’s set up a time to chat. I want to hear what’s on your heart and mind.

 What it is…

The Blow Up the Clock Motherhood Design Experience is a 14-week intensive designed to provide you with a safe place to Envision, Own and Design YOUR unique motherhood story.

It is an opportunity to create a motherhood journey that empowers rather than devours, one infused with FREEDOM, JOY, and POWER.  You do this by:

  • Envisioning and owning what you want
  • Listening to what your soul truly wants
  • Becoming aware of what might be in your way
  • Creating an expansive energetic space for something new
  • Learning and expanding your knowledge about your body and your fertility
  • Getting clear on your boundaries now and for your future self
  • Designing a path forward that aligns with your vision

This experience is for you if you are the kind of person who…


  • Is self-aware
  • Embraces a growth mindset
  • Seeks the more-ness of life as a way of life
  • Knows the value of being supported
  • Is open to community
  • Wants to be part of a new conversation

…and you want

  • More freedom to make your unique choices for this area of your life
  • To abandon the stories, interpretations and limiting beliefs that are getting in your way
  • New ways of thinking about your journey to motherhood
  • A deeper understanding of what it is you truly want
  • New possibilities for moving forward
  • An empowered journey to motherhood!

This experience is NOT for you if…

  • You are already a mom
  • You are already 99.9% sure that motherhood isn’t for you



7 Sessions Across 3 Phases

We work together in three phases

  1. Exploration
  2. Education
  3. Design

Exploration means developing a clear vision and opening yourself to possibilities, listening to your soul, developing awareness of what’s in your way and building your own motherhood lore as inspiration.

Education means getting to know your body, learning about the world of fertility and fertility support, and developing your own view of self-care.

Design means putting legs to your vision, setting boundaries around what you want, creating support for and empowerment of your vision no matter how it works out.


  • Get in touch with the deepest desires of your soul
  • Give voice to those desires
  • Unveil any hidden dialogue
  • Shift your stuck places to create expansion in your life
  • Observe the obstacles that show up along and break through
  • Nurture a new motherhood lore by collecting motherhood stories that empower you

This phase is essential to your power and effectiveness, to step into what’s possible for you. 

Core concepts: Motherhood Story, Motherhood Story Vision, Clearing Exercises, Forgiveness Practices, Creating a new Motherhood Lore, Acknowledgement, Wellbeing, Self-Awareness Practices

Hands on Clock

Photo by Malvestida on Unsplash


  • Expand your knowledge so that you are going forward armed with all of the latest information
  • Get in touch with YOUR body, YOUR fertility
  • Shed a one-size-fits-all approach to your body so that you can individualize your path
  • Align your learning with your desires

Core Concepts: Fertility testing, Learning through study, Health Panel Q&A

Colored Pencils in shape of heart


  • Tangibly design and individualize YOUR path as you imagine it
  • Create physical representations to nurture your spiritual and emotional connection to your vision 
  • Declare boundaries in relationship to what you learned in Phase 2
  • Generate support plans for your current and future self
  • Create an alternate vision for your life, one that holds an equally fulfilling option of living without the baby.

The focus of this phase is on manifestation, stretching your comfort zone and laying the groundwork to make progress on your vision.

Core Concepts: Motherhood Story Vision, Boundary Setting, Being Unattached to Outcomes, Rituals for grounding your future.

The Cadence

The 14 weeks is a mix of personal work you do on your own and Live sessions where you get a chance to talk with the group and Beth about what you’re learning and processing and to ask questions. Beth is there as Coach to support you in getting the most out of your experience.
Blow up the Motherhood Clock Session Timeline

Support Looks Like

  • Access to the Online Experience Community
  • Access to Course Materials
  • 7 Live Community Sessions
  • 3 one-on-one Coaching Sessions with Beth

What Women Are Saying

Blow Up the Clock Founder & Coach

I believe that the relationship we have to ourselves and who we are being is the genesis of every other relationship we have in our lives and of the results we create. 

I know that first-hand as someone who has transformed her life from one of toxic relationships, deep hurt and self-sabotaging behaviors to one that is purposeful and vibrant. As I changed over the years, so did the landscape of my life.

My desire for others to find their own freedom, combined with my own experience as a woman who missed motherhood, is what led me to walk away from my 20+ year career as a Project Management Consultant in tech.


So how does a woman who missed motherhood end up working with women still on that journey? As I dug deeper into what led me to miss motherhood, it became clear to me that we have been addressing symptoms and are ignoring the root causes, those such as silence, lack of education and support, disempowering cultural messages, and limiting beliefs that we don’t even know we carry.

I bring my warrior heart and intuitive skills to my coaching and care deeply about women discovering and owning their beauty, power and strength regardless of how their lives work out.

Blow Up Your Motherhood Clock