Woman in red coat walking happily next to lakefront with the message Blow Up Your Motherhood Clock

You’ve Got One Clock to Work With and There is no Guarantee..

Are you going to let life create your Motherhood Story for you?

It’s been an unspoken message since we were young that the Motherhood thing is just going to happen. You know how it goes:  I’m just going to meet someone, it’s going to be magical, and then we’re gonna have kids.

Well, it may or may not work that way…AND you cannot get an extended warranty on your clock!

So what do we do? How do we get that thing we want, in this case, Motherhood? By being intentional! While it doesn’t guarantee anything, it does put us in a more empowered place of clarity and ownership and it raises our chances of getting where we want to go.

By being intentional, we set aside the default magical story that says “it will just happen” and get real about what we really want.

Blow up The Clock – The Workshop

What is the Blow Up Your Motherhood Clock workshop?

It’s the first step to envisioning your Motherhood Story. It is for women who are just starting to think about motherhood and still have hope about having kids. It is a time to pause and start writing the details of YOUR Motherhood Story, details such as who you see in the picture, where you will be living, what kind of support you will need, what career will look like for you. 

What is a Motherhood Story?

It’s your unique future-based vision of what you want to create. Standing in the future with your vision fulfilled, what does it look like, feel like, smell like, sound like. What have you produced? Who are you being?

What does it mean to Blow Up the Clock?

  • It means stepping out of feeling at the mercy of your clock
  • It means creating clarity around your motherhood story
  • It means taking an honest look at how you are relating to the concept of having kids
  • It means taking ownership of your story

We won’t solve everything in one workshop, but we will start to shift perspective.

We’ll be doing some writing and sharing. If sharing isn’t your thing, come for the writing.

Blow up The Clock – The Experience

What is the Blow Up Your Motherhood Clock Experience?

This is the next step where we really dig into the details of your story, flesh it out and make it real. It is a 3-month group experience where we explore the following:

  • The power of verbalizing vision
  • Aligning yourself with what you want
  • Looking at what might be in your way. Default messages? Unforgiveness?
  • The power of timeboxed complaining, for the sake of connection and “getting it out”
  • What other women who have been there have to say.
  • Education on the fertility journey.
  • How badly you really want motherhood. What are you willing to do?
  • Formulating your Blueprint – what’s in, what’s out, what kind of support plan will you need? It will also include a plan for support if your first plan doesn’t work out.
  • What does self care look like?

What you can expect?

  • My support as Coach
  • Community support from other women in the group.
  • Education and Empowerment
  • Private community for ongoing support
  • Peace of mind knowing you’ve thought it out and know where you want to go

Signup for the Experience will be available soon. In the meantime, to learn more, please feel free to use my scheduler link below.


If you’d like to chat with me personally about the Workshop or Experience, please click here to book a time.